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Preparing for the Biggest Organized Event of Them All: The Olympics
August 7, 2008, 3:32 pm
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I’m not sure there’s an event I ever cover that requires as much advance logistics planning as the Olympics. Travel plans start up to a year before The Games, and from there on you continue to prepare until the games begin. In this post, I will discuss how I did my best to prepare for these games in advance, and how I packed all of my equipment for the Olympics—something that took well over a month on its own in the end.


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Good luck Vincent. Patrick.

Comment by Patrick Baldwin

Wow, nice lenses:-D Good luck!:-D

Comment by Csanadim

Very interesting to see how pro photog prepares for major sports event!

Comment by very

[…]  It’s just a little insight into how difficult it can be just to make the pictures you see. Click here for the blog entry and click here for detailed photos of all the equipment and […]

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Hey Vincent!
Very cool indeed! Great to see a whole other side of photography from what I experience!
Moose Peterson

Comment by moose395

Great post Vincent, thanks for that. Best of luck at the games.

Comment by Ed Salter

wow! now i know where they shot the ad for the canon ad with all of the lenses 🙂

Comment by Jason Cohen


I hope you get to enjoy the Games and not work too hard. Looking forward to hearing more and seeing some of your photographs.

Comment by Daniel Yee

looking forward to seeing your images from China. Best of luck getting through Customs!

Comment by Benjamin Spell

[…] that sounds like a dream to me. Vincent has a blog about this huge assignment and after seeing his latest article about packing down his gear I down for sure that I’m not ready, at least not yet. Someday I […]

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Very interesting. I enjoyed reading and looking through the gallery. Looking forward to the images. We’re pulling for you. 🙂

Comment by Aaron

Wow. Look at all those lenses! I hope you get to use them all. Have fun!

Comment by Jimmy Worsten

Thanks for putting the time into an interesting article. Hope everything goes well for you out there too.
One question – when you mention setting up the remote cameras sometimes a week in advance, how do you manage battery life for that particular remote? Hook it up to the mains, or do they allow access briefly to switch it on closer to the event?

Comment by Tim

Hi Vincent, just wondering, you mentioned the fact that you can’t take it all, but still you take a 400/2.8 and 500/4, wouldn’t the 400 with a 1.4 TC just as good (or close at least), and save a little of your back?

Best regards, and good luck in the Olympics!
I would reckon the images made by you that stand out the most will be with your T/S lenses 😉


Comment by Jan

Very interesting blog post. Good lcuk over there in Bejing!!

Comment by Frederik

This is so cool, I can’t wait to see what else you have to show us. Keep it up!

Comment by tanni

[…] Vincent Laforet now has his own blog! Check it out. […]

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Wow, Vincent… fascinating. Thanks for taking the time to share this!

Comment by Michael Caswell

OK I just gotta ask. Where on earth did you find the Canon N-Rain covers?

Comment by Jeff Lynch

the 500mm with a 2x – that’s crazy talk! 🙂

Comment by Dave

Thanks so much for showing how it’s done. It’s great to see how an experienced Olympic shooter pulls a logistical nightmare together. Looking forward to seeing the results of all your hard work.

Comment by Nicholas

Mikes back is going to hurt after this!

Comment by Carson Blume

Thanks for sharing this! It is a great insight to know the background of the craft. I’m sure some people just think a photographer whips out a camera and takes a picture. Volia! But it is much more involved, especially in this case. Thanks again for sharing.

Comment by Jeff

thats just insane! its a canon advertisement!

Comment by ross

[…] kan også lese mer om Vincent Laforet sine forberedelser på bloggen hans og i […]

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Thanks for sharing Vincent – most informative. I hope you’re getting some killer shots in Beijing.

Comment by Richard Sharman

Holy optics, Batman! That’s some beast equipment you’ve got there. Can’t wait to see the images you get.

Comment by Nathanael Gassett

[…] came across this blog of New York professional photographer, Vincent Laforet, on his preparations to shoot for the […]

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Wow, that is amazing! Thanks for sharing, I will share parts of it with my high school photography class.

Comment by Adam Leahy

[…] One post that will be particularly interesting for gear heads is: Preparing for the Olympics […]

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Why is it that all the pictures shown in the article were taken with a Nikon camera, was a canon not good enough ?

Comment by G.Cresswell

So the Olympics are over and you are home, hopefully with all your gear.
Was there anything you never used and would not pack again.
Do you think you overpacked or do would you feel comfortable with the same set up in two years.
What non-photographic gear do you think is essential for a gig like this?

All the best,

Comment by Doug Nicholson

[…] noe jeg ikke er så flink til, og derfor ender opp med å ta bilder… Min nye helt heter Vincent Laforet, og som helten har jeg også lekt meg litt med Tilt Shift bilder. (Jeg jukser riktignok litt da jeg […]

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Comment by DavidDP

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