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Fireworks Show Fizzles at The Great Wall
August 8, 2008, 4:06 pm
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Wow – what a night I just spent on the Great Wall of China.   I think the best way to tell this story is step by step – because it sure was a roller coaster day – that ended in something that could have been spectacular – but fell just short.


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Sorry to hear about that Vincent. Sounds like the situation over there is a little fubar thus far. I shot fireworks over the 4th in my little town, not an assn, just for the heck of it, but my first location I wanted to shoot from to have a church in the foreground didn’t work because the fireworks were in the opposite direction. I had to run a few blocks away just to salvage something, I thought I was the only one this sort of thing happened to.

Have you covered an Olympics before? I’m just curious if some of the stories I’m hearing about mistakes, mis-information etc from these Olympics is because the event is an organizational nightmare anyway with so many people and events, or if it’s because its in China and they are being cautious and security minded?

It’s kinda ironic that in China, which has the Great Wall, an attraction known all over the world, and a country which is recognized as having invented fireworks, they wouldn’t have a good fireworks show at the Great Wall.

Been enjoying the posts, great work.

Comment by emarkov

” It’s an experience I wouldn’t change for anything. Definitely better to me than being trapped inside the opening ceremonies theater in an assigned seat with 600 other photographers. I’d do it again in a heartbeat.” That’s the coolest part of this whole experience that’s Olympic! Way cool.

Comment by Darrell Eager

It’s a nice shot. Good job making it happen despite all that went wrong. Sounds like you won’t be sleeping much these next few weeks. Nevertheless, enjoy the games!

Comment by Chris

A true testament to your perseverance.

Which tripod did you use? Just kidding. Keep up the effort and thanks for posting these entries. It’s a great way to get an insider perspective on the Games.

Good luck shooting.

Comment by David Fisher

Wow! What a story. I’ve been to China and I can kind of understand the trouble. Though watching the opening ceremony and how they timed it all together, I could not reconcile it with my personal experience when everything is always uncertain.

Comment by Rita


Comment by Willem Wernsen

I really like the way you managed to capture the fireworks from this corner. They have done magnificent fireworks and this Olympic Games are very much different from the previous. Human spirit and values are much more visible and expressed deeply.

I like your first photos taken here in Forbidden City in B&W. It looks like you took it with your Leica M8. They are so clean with firm composition.

Best regards!

Comment by Kristina

wow Vincent what a nice shot… I am sure it was worth every bit of trouble…

Comment by Prashanth

Thanks for sharing the behind the scenes on this, it is truly amazing to hear what you go through to get a chance at a great shot. Keep up the incredible work!

Comment by Adam Leahy

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