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“Dream Team” Member Dreams a Little Bit too Long One Morning Due to a Lack of Sleep…
August 10, 2008, 11:59 am
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©Vincent Laforet for Newsweek

©Vincent Laforet for Newsweek


I’ve got to confess something:  I slept through my first Olympic assignment yesterday.  Yep IT happened.  I got done completing my first blog at 6 a.m. on Saturday morning – after a day that had lasted 22 hours.   I knew I was in bad shape as soon as my head hit the pillow, because my wake-up call was set for 7 a.m…   I never heard the alarm go off.   (read more)

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I was reading you blog on Newsweek (which is FANTASTIC) and watching the Olympics at the same time when I had a weird twilight moment.

I had just started reading about the synchronized diving and was looking at the picture of Guo Jingling and Wu Minxia, when their names were called on TV. I was able to watch them dive on TV and view their picture at the same time (they actually just dove agin). It is amazing to be able to read about behind the scene events while the Olympics are taking place. Please keep up the good work. I feel that your blog adds a sense of reality that our culture has started to lack. Thank you!

Comment by kaity

Vincent, thanks for taking the time to write this blog and give us some insight to how things are going over there. The inner workings and reality behind your images is fascinating.

Comment by Gavin

Am glued to the Olympics on TV along with your blog. Thank you so very much. Kaity said it all.

Comment by Charles Carstensen

Oops… Well there go three “attaboys” right out the window….

Comment by Alessandro Rosa

I did that once but Kate Jarvis was nice enough to call me and wake me up! Take some B vitamins, it helps me a lot on my 200 mile rides!

Comment by Carson Blume

Your photos are sight for soar eyes. You’re doing amazingly great having so little sleep. Well, who would sleep any way during this great Olympic Games where the energy of competition is on the highest level.

Comment by Kristina Vidanec

You rock dude!

Comment by Adam Leahy

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