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The NOT so “Gentle Way” – Blood, Cries and Victory at Judo
August 11, 2008, 2:45 pm
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©Vincent Laforet for Newsweek

©Vincent Laforet for Newsweek


The word “Judo” is derived from the Japanese meaning of “the Gentle Way.”  Relative to Chinese Throwing Stars and Nunchucks, sure the sport must look tame to the true hard core Bruce Lee fans. But word to the wise: should you cross any of these Judoka in a dark alley, drop everything and run like hell!


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Holy COW! Can I be the first to predict that some award is going to come from that drop of blood splash shot?
Great work –

Comment by Eric Hegwer

Sorry Eric but I already predicted it in my mind after 5 minutes the photos were published on Newsweek blog and I watched it. 🙂
That photo of blood splash is so cool!!! 🙂

Comment by Marco Togni

After seeing that blood splah, I have no choice but asking how is the lighting in those Olympic venues. I guess they must be very well lit

Comment by Rosa

Hi Vincent,

Spectacular work, as always! Are you going to be adding any Olympic photos to your portfolio (site)?

I’m sure photographing the Olympics for you and others is two-fold. On one hand, it must be very frustrating to see that the rules & regulations for media coverage are not what was expected or promised. For photographers to be as limited as they are, must make it very difficult to get some extra-ordinary photos. But, even though everyone is in this situation, as you say, never let your guard down ’cause there are still great shots to be had. I am really looking forward to seeing more of your Olympic coverage…it’s a great chance to let your creativity shine!
On the other hand, your at the Olympics, what could be better…

Thanks for sharing, happy shooting!

Comment by Alim Kassim

amazing shots, Im enjoying seeing your work. Judo sure is intense!

Comment by Benjamin Spell

Excellent work Vincent. How you’re able to blog and maintain a grueling photographic schedule is beyond me. Keep up the great work!

Comment by Erik Lunsford

Amazing photos. I suppose in Judo events photographers get a little nearer to athletes than in most sports. Otherwise those “bloody” pictures could not be taken…

Comment by very

Rosa – the lighting varies from venue to venue – you’re either at 1/1000th at f2.8 on average – at either 1000 ASA or 1600 ASA depending on the venue.

“Very” – yes – Judo is up close and personal… the toughest part is not getting blocked by the two judges that sit on chairs on the edge of the field of play – the main official, and two coaches… not to mention all of the junk the in background…

Comment by Vincent Laforet

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