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More Than a Ten Hour Wait for an Event That Lasts Less Than 10 seconds…
August 16, 2008, 12:10 pm
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Photo by Vincent Laforet for NEWSWEEK

Photo by Vincent Laforet for NEWSWEEK


Well, we’re here—all of us—at the “National Stadium” or Birds Nest, waiting for the start of one of the two big marquee events of the Olympic: The men’s 100m final. It’s the biggest “hurry up and wait” of them all.


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100m final is over and only few hours later you have a full blog post on how the final was shot. Thank you for that!

Comment by very

Hello Vincent all images in RAW or JPG ??

Comment by Robert

Correction on the latest blog entry, Richard Thompson of Trinidad and Tobago.

I love the tilt shift version the best. Love all the images coming from the Olympics… cant say the same for NBC’s coverage. Clearly biased/ only want to show up their athletes… anyhow w/e.

Im definitely gonna try and shoot at the next Olympics or World Cup.. so thanks for all the insight.

Comment by Giovanni

Robert, I think Vincent always shoots RAW.

Comment by Marco Togni

I came across this blog when looking for photographers covering the olympics. What a fantastic insight into what it is really like at a big event. The good, the bad, and the humorous!

It makes me envious and wanting to get to BC in 2010!
Well done.

Comment by Brian

fantastic shot… always refreshing to see someone finding a way to shoot things differently than everyone else

Comment by jason cohen

Vincent, I have always appreciated enjoyed your work now to discover your blog and see how
generous and involved you are at every level
and what an amazing resource it is from someone right there on the ground working…wow,
thanks so much for your effort!

Comment by Richard Greene

I love the second photo in this entry, I was just wondering how it was done when I read about the 45mm tilt/shift lens. Thanks! Now I have another piece of equipment for my wish list…thanks a lot 😉

Comment by Adam Leahy

Wonderful picture Vince. I just rented a 24mm T/S and I’m having tons of fun with it. If first saw a T/S image with your Tennis Court shot. Nice Job.

Comment by Tom Aellis

I found this kind of an informative and intriguing blog page. Thank you.

Comment by Chun

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