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Crouching Tiger Hidden Action…
August 20, 2008, 12:58 pm
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Photograph by Vincent Laforet for NEWSWEEK

Photograph by Vincent Laforet for NEWSWEEK


I had a tough time being creative today. The venues just seemed to have too many obstacles in the way of unique photographs. Things just didn’t seem to open up–and some days that’s just the way it is.  You accept it and move on, hoping you’ll have better luck the next day. (MORE)


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Any chance we’ll get to see some behind the scene pictures of the Olympics? I’d love to see some pictures of people sleeping in random places.

Comment by Kaity

Nice insights again, thanks…what are the gear and spec’s on the Bolt and Wheating pics? Lens, Shutter Speed, Aperture, ISO? Are you going to BMX? That looks like fun to photo!

Comment by Adam Leahy

Vincent, I think was makes your pictures so amazing is the story behind them. Your Blog is the first thing i check when i get home from work, and before i eat dinner. I love the stories!

Just curious, but which events are you planning on covering in the next couple days? I am looking forward to seeing anything!

also I was reading earlier that you wish you could afford a underwater housing for the swimming events. how is it that you have a 800mm lens and not a h20 housing?

Cheers, keep up the Amazing work!.


Comment by Chris Fowler

I’d like to echo Chris Fowler’s comment. It’s interesting to read about some of your challenges with shooting an event (empty seats, obstructions ….)and yet manage to get a shot that tells a story. I guess at times it’s not so much the pretty picture that matters, but rather the story and emotion surrounding an event. I’ll be writing about your blog. I think you’re very generous with your time an effort. Thank-you.

Comment by Robert Matichak

I’d also like to hear more of the technical aspects of making your pictures. DO you shoot RAW, if so, what is your workflow like and how much post processing are you able to do and still submit and make your deadlines? Or, do you shoot jpeg and make sure to get the images correct in camera? Thanks.

Comment by Dick Jagger

I have really been enjoying you work here. Both your words and pictures. Keep on finding a way around the conventional point of view.

Comment by daniel sheehan

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