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Mad Props to Damon Winter – New York Times Photographer
August 29, 2008, 5:18 am
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©Damon Winter/The New York Times

©Damon Winter/The New York Times


Off to a crack-o-dawn shoot this morning…. so here’s an early post:  If you haven’t done so already – check out Damon Winter’s Neighbors Lens series – something that I think truly separates Damon from most newspaper photographers out there.  It’s absolutely inspirational – not only is it old school – but man does the guy have … well … you know…  cojones.  Double exposure on 8 X 10 sheets of film – two exposures on one single sheet of film over a 4-8 hour period – an entire day’s work… wow.

I’m just humbled by the attempt and result.  I mean, I just shutter at the idea of showing up early in the day, setting up a clunky camera on a heavy tripod – and stressing out the entire time about having a single person (or myself) bump the camera prior to my second exposure… as they show up to see the movie that night.  (Damon – tell us:  are you really exposing only one sheet of film for the entire day… or a few just to be safe?)

Simply fantastic – and what photography should be all about.  I particularly love “Metropic”  “Double Take” and well – frankly – every single one of those photos from his series…. (make sure to click on “previous lens series” towards the bottom of the page to see every double-exposure Damon has made.  It’s well worth it!)

Here is another slideshow of his  produced by The New York Times – it’s of Damon’s coverage of Barack Obama over the past few months.  It’s one of the strongest slide shows on politics I’ve seen by a single photographer on the site.

Kudos to Damon (you can see his personal site here), and Michele McNally for making this hire – one of many excellent hires the Times Photo department has made in recent years.  Damon previously worked at the Dallas Morning News, and the The Los Angeles Times – and now New Yorkers are lucky to have his work land on their doorsteps every day.


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Regarding bumping the camera: seems like the setup is removed (!) and then put back up before taking the second exposure. Which makes it all even more impressive!

According to another NYT article: “After taking the first photo, I usually draw a sketch of the image from memory showing the light and dark areas and the position of the main subject in the frame. When I am ready to make the second image, sometimes hours, days or even weeks later, I reload the film into the camera and use the sketch of the first exposure as a guide for composing the second.”

Comment by Jarle Aasland

Thanks for the link, Vincent. Damon Winter is one of my biggest photographic inspirations. I’ve been following his work since he was with the DMN.

Comment by Collins

Thank you for the nice links contained in this post. I like Michele McNally’s interview.

Comment by Marco Togni

I just saw the slideshow last night… very inspirational… Thanks for sharing on this shot… Incredible

Comment by Jason Cohen

High five to Damon for taking the time to do it old school. Great work that reminds one of the power of controlled accidents in an era of photoshop and cgi.

Comment by todd huffman

A brilliant concept + excellent execution= great photograph

Comment by daniel sheehan

More details on the process from a link at the bottom of the story:

Fabulous photo regardless of how it’s done! Thanks for the link!

Comment by Josh Devins

hola vincent
here in mexico o do not understand
why but in the u.s. media say that john mccain and barak obama are at this moment with the same posibilities to win the presidence but when i see slide shows i just see barak and do not see mccain is this because of the democratic convention or what is this all about? because i do not understand everybody are with obama
i do not see mccain pictures or no body want to cover his derrota.

Comment by Gustavo Aragon Garcia

Wonderful shot.

Can I ask Vincent what assignments you have next week, or what projects you will be working on?

Kind regards

Comment by Nigel

Nigel – saddly due to ridiculously stupid contracts – I can’t say – but will share pix and behind the scene pix when the embargoes are lifted – cheers – v

Comment by Vincent Laforet

wow that’s amazing stuff.
It’s really great to see a newspaper allowing that sort of freedom. The results are undeniable.
The photo of the hasidic man silhoutted with the patterns in the background is really brilliant.

Comment by peter

[…] take this picture, and not a little guts. It’s not without reason that Winter seems to be the talk of photoblogs all over the net. Illustrative, no?Gorbachov: The Music VideoNew cameraG9 still fun […]

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magnificent! i can notify this was critical! excellent employment!

Comment by Site Build It Website

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