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A few important disclaimers that you should be aware of:

The views I write about in the blog are expressly my own. 

It’s important for me to point out that I am a member of Apple’s “Aperture Advisory Committee” and a Canon “Explorer of Light” and “Printmaster” and that I have signed Non Disclosure Agreements with these two companies and other companies as well – and therefore I cannot comment on any future products/features etc or make any forward looking statements – regardless of whether or not I am aware of anything down the pipeline.   So please don’t ask me if I think “x” camera is being released in a few months if “x” feature may someday be part of any product, or if you should wait to buy a new product etc…  I’m sure you understand but I can’t make any comments whatsoever in this regard.  Doing so would jeopardize my relationships with these companies.

That being said I am happy to discuss any current product, how it works, and offer any tips/advice/resources that I have at my disposal.   I hope this sounds fair – I thought it was important for me to get this out of the way.

– Vincent


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It was good meeting you last September in Vancouver with Nick presentation was rewarding. I look forward to reading your future blogs. I am adding it to my RSS.

Comment by daniel sheehan

Thanks Daniel – thanks for being the first to post! Hope I can keep things interesting from here on out …

Comment by vincentlaforet

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